The Surfhouse was opened in 1997 to help us survive the very high cost of living in Hawaii and provide an alternative to the high cost of lodging on the North Shore. The owners are Lee & Sophie Bryant who moved from San Francsico to Hawaii to settle down and raise a family, at the time we had no children and life was pretty much one big party with nightly barbecues and lots of stories.

in 2000 we brought are first daughter into the world "Mana Mehealani" and that changed everything...She was a bright light and was a great addition to the Surfhouse..she was at the beach pretty much daily due to young couples letting her tag along.

she was very independent and loved the property and spent most of her young life outside.

in 2004 we brought little "Molly" named by her sister......into the world and things got really busy.

we decided that we would put the Surfhouse on hold until Mana goes to college..well she started this year 2018 and we are opening back up. A little more comfort than the tent spaces we provided originally and small cabins.

we still pride our selves on not milking our customers and provide clean, nice and reasonably priced digs on the North Shore which enables you to support other small business in Haleiwa.

There is so much more to the story..but this is our brief history